The Windoor System 800 is used for glazing-in existing balconies – irrespective of whether the balcony is set into the building or mounted externally on the façade. The existing parapet is retained and renovated according to requirement, or replaced, after which the glazing is installed.

The Windoor System 800 is an extremely flexible system which will be constructed according to customer requirements with regard to architecture and finish. Opening panels can be sliding or folding to one, either or both sides. NB: It is possible to create a frameless corner with this solution.

The glass panels can be either single or double glazed:

  • Single glazing offers the flexibility of framed (Silhouette) or unframed (Light) panels.
  • Double-glazing can be supplied with a slightly more robust frame (Shadow) which is a non-thermal solution.

There are specific advantages to all three. Please call our consultants who will be happy to advise.
All our glazing is impact-tested according to current European Standards and will withstand the severest weather conditions, including wind loads up to 3000 pa.

Our large range of accessories includes window-boxes, blinds and sunscreens, trellises and window seats.